Read what our student family has to say about us!

quote The thing which stands out most to me about renting through Kramer is the convenience of the service. If something was broken, they would send out someone to fix it very quickly. The house was a sizable upgrade from living on-campus, and it made sense financially to move off as the utilities and rent were reasonable. Kramer tries to be up front about his business dealings and worked closely with us to make sure we had all our questions answered before making any major decisions. We had some great neighbors too!" - Trenton Jackson
Hi Mark,   As Eric and I are settling into our new life back in Canada and getting our little townhouse set up, we were thinking about the houses we lived in during our time in South Bend with fondness (and missing the modern kitchens and big backyards!). We just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for making our living experience in South Bend a truly positive one; we really enjoyed both our Sorin St. and Madison St. places, and thought that you and your family and the rest of the team at Kramer Properties were wonderful to rent from.   We wish you all the best this summer and as the school year starts up again before we know it. Take care!   Warmly,
" - Rebecca and Eric
quote I've been living with Kramer Properties for three years and couldn't be happier. They cater almost exclusively to college students like myself which makes for a far less stressful renting experience. One of the best things I can say about Kramer Properties is how dedicated they are to dealing with your issues and concerns quickly and by whatever means. From Kramer instituting gargoyle security for our safety, down to how quickly maintenance issues are attended to,  Kramer has always had our back and that's an uncommon trait in a landlord. I am happy to recommend Kramer properties because they have been such a positive part of my college experience. Thanks I appreciate it!" - John
quote Dear Mark and the Kramer Properties team, Thank you so much for your quick and professional service! The new furnace works Great! Thanks so much,  " - Kate
quote "Living with Kramer Properties has been a great experience for my off campus Living. When I first signed a lease with Kramer he said, "I have two things to offer and that is houses and service. I can't provide one with out the other". I lived in one of Kramer's properties for three years and every year he has lived up to those expectations. I highly recommend living with Kramer Properties for off campus living. Class of 2011" - Augie
quote Dear Kerri, Thank You so much for taking the time to explain everything about your properties. Your level of integrity, work ethic, and warm friendly attitude has set my mind at ease. I was very impressed with everything you explained to me. The fairness and concern you exhibit for these young adults helps restore my faith in humanity, which is sometimes hard for me due to the general attitude of our world lately. - Thank you again,  " - Donna
quote "Thank you so much for all the work you have done on the house- we really appreciate it! You've been as good as your word!"  " - Megan
quote Dear Kramer, I just wanted to send a special thanks for your hard work and dedication to making our lives at school a little more enjoyable. I have been told by many family members with much landlord experience that you will be the best I'll ever have, and I believe it! Thank you for your speedy service and caring attitude throughout the entire year. Go IRISH! " - Patrick
quote "When my friend and I moved off campus our senior year, we rented a house from Kramer Properties. We could ride bikes to campus and walk downtown. The house was secure and well maintained, and it was always good to know that we could reach Kramer himself. My experience was so positive that four of my brothers also rented homes from Kramer Properties. It became a Tradition! Class of 2006" - Walter Hessert
quote We've rented from Kramer for about 1 year and have no complaints. Kramer treats us very good and when ever we need something his team is always available to make sure its taken care of. Thanks Kramer!! Tiffany and Manny" - Tiffany and Manny